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Súkromná materská škola UNES


The Private Kindergarten UNES was established in Nitra in 2014. UNES is a unique kindergarten providing an experimental educational program focused both on cultures and languages.

The Private Kindergarten UNES employs foreign lecturers from various countries of the world (Venezuela, Brazil, the USA, China, Spain and others), what makes child perceive cultural diversity from an early age. It is easier since children find the existence of cross-cultural differences among people natural. The child has no prejudices against others, because he/she meets people of different nationalities every day.

Children are taught on the daily basis in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and of course in the Slovak language (this language is provided by qualified Slovak teachers). It is natural for children to learn the given language quickly since they experience so called game-based learning. Lecturer does not speak Slovak and it is a big advantage for both the teacher and the child. The child attempts to learn the language quickly in order to be able to tell the lecturer what he/she wants.

Our above-standard services provide children with sports activities such as karate, Latin American dance, golf, archery, music activities – playing the flute, storytelling, art lessons led by professional artist in art studios.

We also offer services of speech therapist and psychologist right in our Private Kindergarten UNES. This is a great advantage for parents, since they do not have to visit such centres with their children. Children feel comfortable and safe and do not take these other people working for us as somebody strange because they already know that these people are a part of our UNES team. 

Moreover, tuition does not require any additional fees. All the events that we organize are already covered by the tuition, including ice-skating lessons, visiting theatre, photo shooting, workshops, magician and clown visits, etc.


The Private Kindergarten UNES is located in Nitra at Javorova Street. Facilities of the kindergarten are beautiful with unique equipment. The kindergarten also comprises an outdoor area with playground and sandbox for children. During summer, a tent is built in the outside area where lecturers carry out their activities with children.

The kindergarten features an amazing art studio where children love to spend their time.
Kindergartenʼs facilities include a gym with a golf tee ground. In the kindergarten you can also find a stage where performances for parents and grandparents of our children take place several times a year. Classrooms in which children spend the day are themed.

What make our Private Kindergarten UNES exceptional are also its opening hours: 6.30AM-6.00PM. During public holidays, the opening hours of the kindergarten are as follows: 8.00AM-3.00PM.

Everyone who enters the Private Kindergarten UNES the first time finds it exceptional. Do not hesitate to arrange the date of your visit today and you would not like to enrol your child anywhere else but here. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Javorová 644/12,
949 01 Nitra

Opening hours

6:30AM – 5:00PM




+421 917 622 622

Do not hesitate to take advantage of a unique opportunity to register your child to the Private Kindergarten UNES even today.

Súkromná materská a základná škola UNES


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